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"Telling the World about Agriculture – a short portrait of the IFAJ" is now available for free to all IFAJ members while supplies last. more...

Annual congress IFAJ 2015 - New Zealand

IFAJ congress 2015 took place in New Zealand! To see pictures, click here.

IFAJ 2016: Germany

The theme of the 2016 IFAJ congress will be, "Sustainable Agriculture – Made in Germany" For more information, please visit:

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The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) is a non-partisan, professional association for agricultural journalists in 40 countries. IFAJ supports and encourages the practice of agricultural journalism in countries embracing freedom of the press. More about us...

New at IFAJ

Bonn, Germany – Representatives from 41 countries at the 60th IFAJ Delegate Assembly elected new leadership to the Presidium. Owen Roberts becomes the first Canadian in the history of the organization to serve as president, taking over from Markus Rediger of Switzerland who stepped down after completing four very successful years at the helm of IFAJ. Roberts previously held the positions of Secretary General and Vice-president in the Presidium before becoming President. more »

Bonn, Germany - On July 14, IFAJ held it's awards ceremony at the 60th Annual IFAJ Congress. With more entries in each award this year, the competition was very good.  more »

Welcome to Bonn! For those of you who can't be at the 60th IFAJ Congress, here are some links to keep you up to date. more »

23 – 30 September 2016

The 5th annual IFAJ Exposure-4-Development Tour will explore agriculture and mechanization in China!

A group of 12 jury-selected journalists from around the world will have the chance to travel to Beijing, Changzhou and Shanghai, China, for a first-hand look at farming and development in the world’s most populous country.

 more »

The 60th IFAJ Congress takes place in Bonn, a small city in the Rhineland with a big past and a challenging future. Bonn has been capital of Western Germany during 40 years of Cold War and today it is UN city of Germany and home city of important media like the German Broadcaster DW. Find out more about why you should go to IFAJ 2016. more »

Partnership with UN Food and Agricultural Organisation

The UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and IFAJ join forces to promote wider global sharing of agricultural information. The partnership aims at enhancing knowledge exchange and content publishing related to global hunger and food security, nutrition, sustainable development and the responsible management of fishery and forestry resources, among other issues. In this presentation you will find what FAO can offer IFAJ journalists.

Young Leaders Award

Ten participants will been selected for the 2016 IFAJ-Alltech Young Leaders in Agricultural Journalism award. The award supports the winners’ participation in an IFAJ congress and in an intensive journalistic boot camp-style workshop.