From the Presidium

18th December 2013

IFAJ Platform for Developing Journalism

by Riitta Mustonen, Secretary General, Finland Sparkling examples of what our members do can be seen on the IFAJ website. So much talent, new ideas, ways […]
10th October 2013

Argentina congress was a landmark event for IFAJ

by Owen Roberts, IFAJ Vice President, Canada I’ve witnessed some truly defining moments at IFAJ congresses over the past few years – the creation of the boot camp […]
22nd August 2013

Journalists can help farmers deliver on transparency

Owen Roberts, IFAJ Vice President, Canada Are farmers using technology? I’ll say. Last Wednesday, my son-in-law Mark, a crop and livestock farmer, texted from the delivery room IT’S […]
26th June 2013

Twofold challenge for ag journalists

By Markus Rediger IFAJ President Switzerland In Switzerland only 6.8 percent of household expenditure is spent on food (2011), the lowest percentage in the history of […]
29th May 2013

Guilds must be strong for IFAJ to go forward

Owen Roberts Canada IFAJ Vice President IFAJ’s strength has always been based on the health of its member guilds. That’s proven true again lately, as guilds […]
22nd May 2013

IFAJ and sustainability

James Campbell IFAJ Treasurer During my 30 years as an agricultural journalist, I’ve seen the emphasis shift in various ways. An example is the increasing recognition […]
30th April 2013

Who tells the true story?

Riitta Mustonen Finland Secretary General Consumers were shocked recently when they saw videos that activists had taken secretly on pig and chicken farms. They felt misled […]
20th January 2013

A free media is vital for a free world

Markus Rediger Switzerland President,  IFAJ Journalists are highly vulnerable as professionals, and their protection must be ensured for the greatest possible free and independent reporting. But […]
22nd December 2012

Encouraging Support for IFAJ

James Campbell IFAJ Treasurer The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists is committed to improving opportunities for agricultural journalists around the world – opportunities to expand their […]