Direct your queries and questions about IFAJ – membership, sponsorship, partnerships and involvement in our programs – to the IFAJ Global Office.

Based in Quebec, Canada, it is the first point of contact for all IFAJ enquiries.

IFAJ Global Office

PO Box 250
Ormstown, Quebec
J0S 1K0, Canada

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[our_team_list image=”3868″ title=”Hugh Maynard” subtitle=”GlobalManager (at)” phone=”+1-877-782-6456 Ext. 704″ email=””][/our_team_list][our_team_list image=”3869″ title=”Johnnie Belinda Cluff” subtitle=”GlobalCoordinator (at)” phone=”+1-877-782-6456 Ext. 706″ email=””][/our_team_list][our_team_list image=”3870″ title=”Chris Maynard” subtitle=”Global Support” email=”” phone=”+1-877-782-6456 Ext. 707″][/our_team_list]

IFAJ logos and usage

High and web resolution files for the IFAJ identity are available to download as zip files. Usage is granted to individuals and member associations of IFAJ only. For any other type of use, please contact the Global Office. Before using any of them, please read and observe the logo usage guidelines.

[list icon=”” style=”2″ image=”3881″ title=”IFAJ logo, full version”]This primary logo should be used when space allows and placed on a white background. When used in conjunction with a solid background, use the white version. If space is limited then use one of the alternative logo versions below.[/list][list style=”2″ image=”3882″ title=”IFAJ logo, simplified version”]This should also be used on a white background. A secondary version with a green background is available.[/list][list style=”2″ image=”3880″ title=”IFAJ logo, compact badge”]This badge can be used for social media and in situations where space is limited.[/list]