Annual Congress

The Annual Congress is IFAJ’s flagship event.

Hosted by a different member guild each year, Congress brings together IFAJ members from all over the world for an immersive few days in a country’s agriculture.

Delegates return home with a remarkable insight into different agricultural industries and practices, providing valuable opportunities to report, compare and contrast, improve knowledge and build networks. It’s also an important business event for IFAJ; it’s here that both the Executive and Delegate Assemblies meet, and strategy debated and decided.

For the home guild, it’s a tremendous opportunity to showcase ‘their’ agriculture to the rest of the world, while at the same time building and strengthening relationships with domestic associations, trade bodies and sponsors. It also provides much-needed interaction with other guilds.

The legacy of hosting a Congress, and around 200 overseas journalists, communicators and photographers, often leads to renewed enthusiasm and vigor for home-grown initiatives.

The next congress…

Discover your Dutch Roots

Wednesday 11 July – Sunday 15 July 2018

The Dutch guild NVLJ has the privilege to invite you to discover Dutch Roots during the IFAJ2018 World Congress in the Netherlands. Come and join us from July 11 till 15 for a tour through the Dutch agri-food chains.

During our congress you will touch on the Dutch knowledge development at Wageningen University & Research and will have a chance to see the Dutch agriculture sector in practise. The Dutch Roots congress focuses on three main themes: Circular Economy, Smart Farming and Urban Delta. With these themes and the context of the agri-food chains in which they operate, the challenges of dairy, poultry, pig and cattle farmers as well as those of arable crop and greenhouse crop producers will be addressed.