Executive Committee meets again via GoTo

The IFAJ Executive committee held its second telemeeting on August 30, 2017. Thanks to the new technology and the platform through GoTo Meetings, it is possible to hold more frequent meetings amongst the Executive.

Previously the IFAJ Executive committee met twice a year once at the IFAJ congress and once at the Green Week in Berlin. The new conference tool GoTo Meeting has made it much easier to hold meetings, so it was decided in South Africa that the Executive committee should meet at least four times a year.

The agenda for the August meeting had items such as the financial report, the contests and the upcoming Executive meeting in the Czech Republic.

A challenge with being a global organization is that someone has to attend the meeting in the middle of the night. This time it was North America’s turn. It meant that the President Owen Roberts, from Ontario Canada, who couldn’t get into his office that early in the morning, was chairing the meeting from the parking lot outside.

At the same time Markus Habisch from Austria was attending the meeting from a yacht in Croatia and Liza Karlsson from Sweden, was together with her Finnish colleague Riitta Mustonen at a study trip in Finland.

Markus Habisch demonstrating dedication by participating in the August IFAJ Executive Tele-meeting despite sailing a yacht in Croatia.