IFAJ DuPont Pioneer Master Class 2017

The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) and DuPont Pioneer are collaborating on a program to provide professional development, leadership training and networking opportunities to agricultural journalists from developing countries.

The program, the IFAJ/DuPont Pioneer Master Class, will meet near Pretoria, South Africa, from 31 March to 2 April 2017, immediately prior to the 2017 IFAJ World Congress, which will draw participants from around the world to South Africa from 2 to 8 April.

“As a global business, we are proud to provide continuing support to the IFAJ’s Master Class Program, which offers agricultural journalists worldwide professional development and knowledge-based skills,” said Tracy Willits, global communications director, DuPont Pioneer.  

“Through the high-quality information and communications these journalists share, they can foster understanding that will yield significant benefits to farmers, consumers and others throughout the value chain.”

Participants in last year's IFAJ DuPont Pioneer Master Class

Members of Master Class will also attend the IFAJ Congress, adding to more than 40 nations represented at the global meeting. Participants are selected by an IFAJ panel.

Agricultural journalists from developing countries that are not members of IFAJ (click here for a list of member guilds) may apply for a place in the 2017 Master Class using this online application form.

Application deadline is January 23, 2017.

For more information:

Hugh Maynard


Deadline is January 23, 2017

This is IFAJ’s 8th annual Master Class. Each year, participants are selected on the basis of their agricultural journalism background, their interest in learning about agriculture, their potential as leaders in the industry, and geographic diversity.

Subjects covered during the two‐day program include journalism best practices, press freedom issues, interviewing skills, leadership development and networking, taught by working journalists. The Master Class will include farm visits and reporting workshops as well as round‐table discussions of pressing issues facing agricultural journalists in the field.

“The Master Class program brings together very accomplished reporters from many countries in which agricultural journalists struggle for access to stories, opportunities for professional development or networking, and even for the right to freedom of expression that enables them to best serve farmers,” says IFAJ president Owen Roberts.

“Master Class is a learning experience for everyone involved, and has also strengthened IFAJ by broadening our networks and sparking the development of agricultural journalism guilds by alumni of the class. We are proud to be a catalyst for these professional growth opportunities, and are grateful for the support of Master Class from several member guilds and our long‐time main sponsor, DuPont Pioneer.”