New global farm leader is friend of IFAJ

Congratulations to South African farmer Theo de Jager (pictured here), who was elected president of the World Farmers’ Organization (WFO) earlier this summer.

De Jager has worked with IFAJ on several occasions; most recently, he was part of the Africa Forum at the IFAJ congress in South Africa, and before that, he and I served together as speakers at a food sustainability outlook conference in Denmark, sponsored by the Danish agricultural journalists’ guild.

De Jager is passionate about fairness and equality for all farmers. He told Farmers’ Weekly (South Africa) one of his biggest challenges will be the extension of networks to regions where agricultural organizations are largely uninvolved.

IFAJ shares similar challenges, and looks forward to working with the WFO to communicate with farmers worldwide.

Theo de Jager at the IFAJ congress in South Africa (photo by Alexis Kienlen)