News from IFAJ Guilds: Finland and Ireland

IFAJ Guild Profile: Finland


Who are you?

I am Markku Pulkkinen, president of the Finnish Guild, a freelancer and entrepreneur – and also a beekeeper with 10 hives.

Markku Pulkkinen, president of the Finnish Association of Agricultural Journalists

What is the name of your guild?

Maataloustoimittajat (MATO)

Finnish Association of Agricultural Journalists


How many members do you have?

250 members


What are the big issues for agricultural journalism in your country?

The agricultural and also forestry media is quite a stable business sector in Finland. All medias are doing quite well. We may be too traditional. We don’t have any ag. media in TV or radio, neither broadcasts on web. The reason for this is we have only 50,000 farmers in Finland, the language area is so narrow.


Why did your guild become a member in IFAJ?

It’s so long time ago so that I don’t actually know. But now it’s important for our members to get new ideas from colleagues all over the world especially in congresses. It’s inspiring to hear and see what kind of agricultural journalism other journalists are doing.


How long has Finland been a member of IFAJ?

A very long time, I don’t know exactly.


What is your biggest dream right now? (It doesn’t have to be about ag journalism.)

What a great question! Everyone should take time for dreaming more often. My biggest dream is to write a novel. And for that I’d like to have 4-day-working weeks. So, I must rise my prices – sorry to all my kind clients!


New Executive Member from Ireland


IFAJ’s executive committee now has a new member from Ireland. Brian Donaldson is replacing Damien O’Reilly, who has retired as Ireland’s international representative. Brian Donaldson is working as feature editor at the Impartial Reporter. He will be representing Ireland at the next executive telemeeting later this summer and further on. We are very grateful to Damien O’Reilly for all his work in the IFAJ executive committee during several years.

Brian Donaldson, IFAJ executive member representing the Guild of Agricultural Journalists of Ireland.