25th June 2015

European members gather in Latvia

By Adrian Bell It’s perhaps no surprise that a nation that’s declared independence from its larger neighbour not once, but twice, manages to forge a distinct […]
7th May 2014

The sustainable Alps: a press tour with a difference

You’ll see it either as a busman’s holiday, or a fantastic opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Hannibal while immersing yourself in alpine and family […]
18th December 2013

EU- Agrarjournalisten öffnen Netzwerk

By Markus Rediger Die Generalversammlung des Europäischen Netzwerks der Agrarjournalisten (ENAJ) beschloss in Brüssel auch EFTA-Staaten willkommen zu heissen. Das Netzwerk ENAJ wurde im Dezember 2011 […]
18th December 2011

EU Commissioner starts European Network of Agricultural Journalists

BRUSSELS 6th December 2011 The European network of Agricultural Journalists (ENAJ), a new organisation representing agricultural journalists from the EU was officially launched today in Brussels. […]