Tours and Exhibitions in France

SPACE is a global benchmark exhibition for the livestock sector. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the exhibition has become a key forum for meetings, innovations and discussions about the future of livestock production and agriculture in all its diversity.

This year SPACE invited IFAJ members to attend the event in Rennes, France from September 12-15, 2017. Space provided accommodations, meals and ground transportation to participating journalists who totalled over 100 from around the world.

Hugh Maynard, IFAJ Global Manager travelled to Rennes to attend the SPACE event as well as participate in a pre-tour with the Association française des journalistes agricoles

(AFJA). SPACE also facilitated arrangements for a joint meeting between IFAJ and AFJA journalists. At the meeting were 17 participants, most of whom were from other European countries (Hungary, Romania, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Ukraine) as well as Indonesia, Argentina and Quebec.

The meeting started with brief presentations on IFAJ and AFJA, followed by a free-ranging discussion on helping journalists who work for general media to be more informed about agricultural issues. IFAJ and AFJA will look for further opportunities to collaborate in the future.

A group of journalists from the Association française des journalistes agricoles ricoles (AFJA) toured a dairy farm near Rennes in western France as part of a pre-tour to the SPACE exhibition last September. On the left are Michel Bourdoncle, treasurer, and Nicole Ouvrard, president, from AFJA.
In addition to livestock, the SPACE event had for the first time an exhibition devoted to “Robotics of the Future”. Called ESPACE, the show featured a variety of digital and robotic equipment that is or will soon be commonplace on modern farms. Pictured is a robotic pesticide applicator that can identify and spot treat weeds in a field rather than the usual practice of broadcast spray application.